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Nov 14

i-CAT 3D Imaging

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3D imaging: what does that mean to you?

1)    Patients love only needing to sit in a chair and not having to bite on anything

2)    The radiation exposure is equal to spending 30 minutes walking in the sun on top of Pikes Peak

3)    Patients love seeing their images come to life in the consult room

4)    The quality of the images is so crisp and detailed

5)    Our younger and older patients alike think it is “awesome” (their words)

Dr. Gaworski is one of the first orthodontist in our community to bring i-CAT Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging into his practice on a routine basis. He uses 3D Dental Imaging to visualize root positions, impacted teeth, airways, and a variety of dental anomalies. He believes that 3D imaging is far superior to traditional 2D imaging for the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems.  

One of the other factors in his decision to bring 3D imaging into the office was the fact that i- CAT  has dramatically lessened the amount of radiation needed to capture these magnificent images to that of spending 30 minutes walking around the Summit House on top of Pikes Peak.  

 Recently, we have asked several of our patients what they have thought of the new experience, and from our young patients to our adult patients the word we heard most often was “AWESOME”.   Our patients are very happy to sit in the chair and not have to bite on anything as the scan is taken and are thrilled to see the images that come to life.

We are very excited to share this new experience with our patients.  You all are super and a joy to work with.  We would love to treat your family and friends and always welcome new patients to our practice.


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