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Dec 19

'Twas a week before Christmas
And Santa was in a stir;
He was trying to think of a gift for the Mrs.,
More valuable than gold, frankincense and myrrh.

He went to the jewelry store,
There were diamonds galore;
He strolled down the street and looked
At blenders, mixers & more.

“Let’s see, last year was the wood rocking chair,
The year before, a broach...
Her sister bought her a purse,
(And of course it was a “Coach)”.

She is really the first lady
To all the world, you see;
But to him she was more meaningful
Than anyone ever could be…

She seemed sort of sad lately,
What would make her smile?
Then the thought came in “orthodontic proportions”
(That’s more than a mile)!

In a twinkling of an eye (or about 24 months);
Her teeth could be straight;
Her confidence boosted,
I better call Dr. G now; I don’t want to be late!

Not just for Mrs. Claus,
But for mom and for dad;
For the elves and their kids,
They would be extremely glad!

For a smile that is healthy,
Bigger and brighter too.
There is no better gift we can give
For me or for you!

By Renee Smith
Marketing Coordinator

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