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Mar 13

The Treatment Timeline for Adult Braces PatientsHaving a smile that is properly aligned means beauty as well as supreme function and health. This is something that people shouldn't take for granted, especially given all of the issues that people can face as a result of malocclusion (e.g., tooth grinding, TMJ disorders, etc.). When you have an improperly aligned bite, orthodontics is key for achieving optimal dental health. No matter your age, an orthodontist will be able to help you get the straight and beautiful smile that you deserve.

We receive a number of questions from adult patients about orthodontic care. In particular, these patients tend to ask us how long treatment will take. We want to take a moment right now to consider the overall treatment time/timeline for adult braces so you have a good understanding of what is involved.

Ideal Candidates for Adult Braces

The best candidates for adult orthodontics are people who have had issues with malocclusion for a long time that have never been sufficiently addressed (if at all). There are health and wellness reasons for patients to get adult braces as well as compelling cosmetic reasons. In short, adult orthodontics allows patients to have beautiful, healthy smiles, and it also allows patients to feel confident about their appearance and overall sense of well-being.

How long will adult braces treatment take?

The treatment timeline for adult braces treatment can be as little as six months on the short-end and as much as three years on the long-end. The average duration of adult braces treatment tends to be about two years.

During your consultation for adult orthodontics, you'll be able to hear a time estimate based on your situation.

Why is there such a variance in treatment time?

Each patient's situation with malocclusion is different, and some serious cases of malocclusion may require more time to address than others. It is ultimately the type and severity of malocclusion that will determine the overall treatment time required.

How does adult orthodontic care compare to children's orthodontics?

Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment tends to be different with adults than in younger patients, such as children. With children, fundamental structural problems tend to be addressed in pediatric orthodontic care (e.g., palate shape/size, position of the mandible); such issues can be addressed in young patients since they are still growing and developing. With adult orthodontics, the patient is fully matured, which means a somewhat different focus in how to improve the smile.

What to Expect During Adult Braces Treatment

After the initial consultation, patients will have impressions taken of their teeth. In many cases, a digital impression is taken in order to determine the ideal method of treatment. Once the treatment plan is designed, patients will have their brackets and wires placed. Periodic visits will be made in order for the tension on these brackets and wires to be adjusted as needed.

(Keep in mind that the above will differ if a patient undergoes a clear braces treatment, such as Invisalign. Impressions will still be taken, but the nature of care will differ.)

Whether it's six months later or three years later, patients will eventually have their braces removed. Final adjustments to the teeth may be made in order to improve overall appearance.

Learn More About Orthodontic Treatment Options

If you would like to learn more about adult braces and how they can improve your overall dental health and wellness, we encourage you to contact our Colorado Springs orthodontic care center today. The entire team here is eager to meet you in person and help you make the best possible choices with regard to your dental care options.

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