Office Policies & Mission

Our Mission

Girl with bracesHelping people reach their full potential in life with optimal health, wellness and a beautiful smile.

  • You can rely on each member of Dr. Gaworski's team to behave in a professional, well-trained, considerate, caring manner. We always emphasize quality service.
  • To give you the most up-to-date treatment possible, Dr. Gaworski and his staff continually expand their clinical skills and are committed to lifelong continuing education.
  • Comprehensive orthodontic care often involves a team approach, which requires close coordination with your dentist and other specialists. Dr. Gaworski strongly believes in an interdisciplinary approach, partnering with your other healthcare providers to give you the most complete care possible.
  • Dr. Gaworski will spend the necessary time with all patients and/or parents to explain recommended treatment and answer questions.
  • We suggest an orthodontic examination as early as age 7 because the timing of an initial exam and record taking can play a critical role in long-term planning and treatment success.


To ensure quality orthodontic care, our patients must understand the manner in which we schedule appointments. We value your time as both a patient and a parent, so we will make every effort to stay on or ahead of schedule. Most of our parents work, and we treat many school-aged children. Though occasional school and work hours must be missed, we try to accommodate our patients' needs. Our staff will provide school and work excuses at each appointment.

We reserve your appointment specifically for you, so please make every effort to keep your scheduled time. Please know that a broken appointment hurts not only the patient by extending treatment time, but also other patients who could have used that appointment for emergency care or regular visits.

If for any reason you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please call our Colorado Springs office as soon as possible to notify us of the change and to reschedule.

Long Appointments for Banding and Bonding

Because these procedures require more detailed and technique-sensitive appointments, we schedule these appointments during our lighter times of day so that patients can receive Dr. Gaworski's full, undivided attention.


If pain, swelling, or bleeding occurs, call us immediately. Dr. Gaworski will see you as soon as possible and provide the appropriate care, including referral to another specialist for treatment if needed.

An orthodontic emergency is defined as severe pain, bleeding, or swelling. You are provided with orthodontic wax, which can be used to alleviate discomfort caused by things like a broken bracket or pocking wire. Please call the office to schedule an appointment for any loose appliances or discomfort due to braces during regular business hours at 719-596-2477. If you feel there is an issue beyond typical discomfort, after hours or weekends, you may call the on-call phone from 8am- 8pm at 719-432-5980, where you will reach an assistant or Dr. Gaworski. Dr. Gaworski will see you as soon as possible and provide the appropriate care, including referral to another specialist for treatment if needed.


For loose bands, brackets, or archwire ties, as well as lost or broken appliances and retainers, we usually schedule these appointments during work or school hours since they require longer treatment times.

Appointment Broken or Not Cancelled

We will schedule another appointment as soon as the schedule permits, but you may have to wait 5 to 10 weeks, our normal appointment intervals. Openings for appointments during school hours may be arranged sooner.

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